Another week…

So I’ve decided I’m thinking too much about what I want to write, and that I should just throw stuff out there as I come arcross it. 

I started to use my first Google calendar today.  The collaboration of people calendars and events are very interesting.  Also interesting is that it will be available offline.  I am interested in how that would work, but I am told that it will be similar to Google Reader and its offline capability. 

Maybe this is a good time to give you a little history of my computer loyalties.  For the past 10 years or so I was a strict pro-M$ superuser.  Anything they came up with I ate up and laughed at anyone who didn’t.  But for the past year I’ve really started to diversify, and try some of the forbidden iFruit/gFruit.  I bought an iPod for one.  There, I said it.  May Vista strike me down (I am expecting the swift blue screen of death).  Oh, and I have a Google account.  Hey don’t judge my band-wagon swinging – I can quickly scroll through my aggregated feeds with just the space bar using my Google reader .

Why the sudden switch?  I think, like a few of you out there, my trust that Microsoft-knows-best has finally faltered.  Their flashy tools and expensive-looking software is bloated and hard to use.  I’m screaming for simplicity and M$ just isn’t getting it.  I think the monopoly they have is finally not enough to compensate for the fact that they are too widely spread thin.  This is a good thing!  Software will finally have to bow down to the forces of competition. 

I still like Microsoft.  I just wish I had an idea what they want to do with the company, other than get into every possible market they can.   Unfortunately I think this is an ill-fated strategy for two reasons.  For one, Microsoft is not good at controlling or predicting online culture.  Facebook and wikipedia are two great examples.  Secondly, Microsoft cannot compete with the zealous entrepreneurs of a global economy.

This post has gone off on a bit of a tagent.  Maybe what I’m trying to say is that Microsoft is very bad at predicting what people want and that we’ve been buying into it because we really haven’t had the option not too before.  The internet will be the death of M$.

Things that I'm reading… Oct 26/07

I think my friends think I’m insane when I’m ranting about the web and its impact on society.  I just read a Wired blog that really summed things up for me and I wanted to make sure I shared it.  (watch the videos)

I was also reading up on the new OOXML standard, introduced my M$ and apparently approved by open-source Evangelists.   I’m really interested to see how document writing will progress in the future; will documents remain in this “Word” document form?  From what I see from word documents, they aren’t much different from this blog that I’m writing now.  What’s the point of a Word document?  Help me out here.  I work closely with business folks in my company and honestly 90% of the functionality of Word just makes things more complicated.  It is such a time waster to get the simplest formatting done.

 I wish I had some more time to write, but I thought I’d get something out there.  Happy aggregating to everyone.

The gPhone

The rumours are flying at the electric pace of instant syndication: google is digging into the cell phone market.  Until reading this blog from zdnet I didn’t think to consider a bad angle to this news.  Google taking over the internet is bad enough, do we want them monopolizing our pockets as well?  With the google suite of applications there would be little room for 3rd party applications, even if google’s “do gooder” conscience open the hardware to competitors.  Is this the start of a M$ Windows style takeover?  Here are some random thoughts on the gPhone:

 The credit card commercial’s title song “hand in my pocket” keeps replaying over and over in my head.  Google’s extensive database now will know where I am, at any moment!   The google logic is to have free phones, paid for by advertising.  Does this mean if I walk by a McDonalds I’ll see a BigMac fly by my screen?  Do I care?  With the world of advertising changing, moving dollars from traditional mediums into more experimental, this happening wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

It’s funny and sad, my first concern was… looks.  Neither company has been known to put out products with style although that seems to be mattering less and less to people, at least with web 2.0.  It’s such a contrast to the iPhone it is incredible. 

 I think all the nostalgia surrounding this idea tells more of the lack of current phone systems than anything else.  I had a motorola Q and returned it within a week.  I am dying to see a cheap, SIMPLE, well made phone I can actually use.

Be the change you want to see in the world

A broad title, (actually stolen from the footer from my fiance’s email) but I think it is very relevant to my first-ever blog post.  I’ve been preaching about the importance of communication to my friends and it is time to step up to the plate; so here I am.  I admit I hesitated a second when prompted to check a very simple-looking toggle — will this blog be open to search engines, sharing my random thoughts with the world?  (Say goodbye to a political career Kurt)  But yes, I selected to share this with anyone bored enough to read.  Why?  Because I believe everyone should.  Because I live in a world that thinks that polite conversation doesn’t include politics or religion.  Why can’t we respect and embrace different opinions and ideas without judgement?  If we can get people used to disagreeing maturely and arguing different ideas education is the enevitable bi-product. 

Another reason I promote the blog-for-all is the very important fact that a person’s mind the most valuable asset on the planet.  Let’s all share our random thoughts and bizzare ideas!

Randomness will probably be leading the way in this blog.  I plan to share things that I find, random ideas that I come up with and exerps from the discussions my friends and I have.  Please feel free to post, it is the reason this blog is here.