First crack at Google docs

I decided to try out web-based office document creating, so I created a spreadsheet tracking my friend’s game stats and tracking them.

My first impressions?  Very cool.  I tried to spice it up a bit and created some charts and worked through it fairly easily.  It is definitely  just a starter program in comparison to M$, but it was easy to use and did some advanced things.  A concept that I really enjoy is the idea of replacing a “file” with a url.  Interesting concept!  Now my spreadsheet isn’t a file, it’s an open dataset. Try it out!

Planned my honeymoon – now how can I relate this to the future of the web?

I’ve booked my honeymoon and now I can relax – well once I do this wedding thing anyway.   But wait!  Is there a site that can track my vacation for me so I don’t have to think much about anything??  Why yes there is!  Try tripit.  If you provide it with your eticket info it will automatically chart your travel plans and give you information about the places that you are visiting.  One really cool thing about it is that it parses all the most popular eticket emails from various ticket sites.  It couldn’t rip apart my Canadian-based company email, but I could put it in manually.  It is in beta so a lot of the features are not ready yet, but I can definitely see the potential.