More mobile hardware/software jabber

Steve Ballmer released a message to Microsoft employees about Windows Mobile 7, specifically their plans to create a more integrated system (ala iPhone).  I didn’t understand which side Ballmer is taking to be honest, he seems to be floating in the middle between keeping hardware and software separate, and releasing products like the iPhone.

He argues that if you want the biggest piece of the pie you’ll need to separate the hardware from the software, just like with PCs 20 years ago.  Is that true?

I believe history is a great way to predict the future, but is this the same market?  The tech industry has changed so much, can we compare it to its parental founders?  Flat out, no.  People don’t want a computer, why would they?  People have seen what the tech industry can give them and they want something better.  We can do better than a Start button, and a menu bar.  They want something simple and intuitive, and they really don’t care if there is a Windows sticker on it.

Google's 10 Years

This news is a little stale, but Google is 10 years old.  I had actually read their newest futurist blog post after reading a recent Sitepoint’s blog about Microsoft and their futurist insight.  The article mentions Microsoft’s strong commitment to client hardware, sparring that idea with Google’s “Cloud” centric hardware.  I got to thinking that this article is way off.  Google knows client hardware is important, look at the new Android phones.  Most would agree iPhones are the superior hardware product, but look at one very important function: the Google app store.  These are downloaded apps, not just internet apps.  Also look at the rumored purchase of Steam.  You’ll need powerful clients to run games.

I think this is merly propeganda from Microsoft, and a misconcpetion from the media.  Google isn’t fighting for “dumb” clients, they are fighting for convenience.