My Take: Google Wave

I watched the entire 1.20 minutes of the Google Wave preview and I have to admit it gave me goose bumps (and I can’t remember the last time that’s happened).   I spent the next 2 days trying to understand why, and then the next 2 days after that searching for someones ideas.  I noticed something though- there isn’t a lot of talk about how powerful this technology potentially will be.

If you haven’t seen the webcast (I highly suggest you do) let me sum up: Google wave is a new content model that allows fluid as-you-type conversation with the ability to historically view any changes in a “wave”.    It also lets you treat a wave as an object, so you can share the wave anywhere on the web.  It is also completely opensource so you can count on many developer modules.

Maybe I am falling into a “hype trap” here, but its my job to anticipate the web evolution, and I need to keep on my toes.  Other posts I’ve read talk about the Wave replacing email, but I think it goes much deeper than that.  What would a seamless, real-time, portable, extensible, content distribution model look like on the web?

I am forced to consider news and how its distributed, but I’m sure there are less obvious ways of using this service.  Have you ever gone to and got the feeling you’re missing something?  What is happening right now?  Maybe its a newly acquired ADHD symptom (thanks Twitter!), but everything feels tired.  Ok say you have patients and that doesn’t matter to you (I think it does), have you ever read a story that may have happened an hour ago and felt like you’ve missed out?

We are so used to a newspaper giving us our printed content we expect an article on the web to reflect this, but we are missing out.  Why can’t we see a reporter type out a story as it happens?  Or why can’t additional images and video be added while we read?  As the story unfolds content is updated, and just like any other kind of content its completely mashable with other web services.  Ticker-stock added immediately, profiles of people, statistics for towns, Amazon book titles for authors, all can be automatically (with some assistance) to everything you type.

Its combining the best part of live TV jounalism with the best elements of the web.  We are no longer recording, we are telling a story.  And because a wave is so portible, these stories could be happening anywhere on the web (content sites take note: curation curation curation).

This might all seem a little chaotic, but I’m know its manageable.   Maybe its as easy and enabling/disabling live waves.

Now I will spend the next 2 days trying to figure out how this can be used with Government 2.0.  Anyone have any ideas on how we can use Google Wave?