Content Farms – My First Live Experience

I had a real problem: my wife was stranded in Montreal because the remote for the alarm would not work.  The alarm killed the ignition and there was no way of starting the car.  Not being very handy with cars, I looked for the internet for answers.  In my search I came across this article, which I am almost certain was created by a content farm.

I defended this type of content creation of past posts, but after my real-life experience I’m very dubious.  Basically the video went on to waste a minute of my time by telling me to unplug the battery and call a tow-truck.  Thanks e-how, even someone as clueless with cars as me could have figured that out.

Even if this article didn’t help me, finding a video for this was really encouraging.  I really hope these companies will increase their quality, because there is a lot of promise here.

Crowdsourcing Jobpostings

This is one thing that really irks me, and something which I’ve personally been battling for over a year now.  I have never seen a job site where I have been able to post a comment about a job listing. Never. Can’t do it. Anywhere. (correct me if I’m wrong and you’ve found a site)

Why is this? I think people are a. afraid of malicious comments, b. don’t think the value is worth the resources to monitor, or c. maybe haven’t thought of it.

I will lay out some advantages I see enabling comments:

  1. Increased participation – I know when I was job searching I always had questions about the position I was reading about.  I’d phone for some, but generally I wouldn’t bother and move on.  If I could comment I might consider the position if some things are clarified.
  2. Better job descriptions – I am just discussing comments, but really this is about crowdsourcing the quality of the job posting.  Getting feedback would make better description, and would generate more relevant applications.
  3. Gain knowledge for employer – I was just reading an article from Harvard Business School who discusses similar thoughts on improving job postings.  They’ve gone one step further tho, and suggested crowdsourcing could better define what skills are needed for the role.  Sometimes people hiring don’t entirely know the skills involved with getting the job done: ask the experts!

My crusade is for better job seeking on the internet, and I think this is the kind of mentality shift the industry needs.