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Learn how to Spy on Word Messages Without The Need Of the Phone

Could you spy on words messages without having property of an phone?

Can you really spy on text messages at a cell phone without having that phone to your possession? This is a type of challenge between people that find themselves in a situation when they feel it is important to spy on the cell phone Essentially the most quite often asked thoughts are:

  1. Do I need to set up software package up to the instrument?
  2. The person know that they are becoming spied on?
  3. Will I know how to are aware of the particular text message which was brought to been given?
  4. Can I reach see who the writing messages brought to?
  5. Am I Going To travel to see who the text text originates from?

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How Apple (and Google) Could Gobble Up E-Commerce

I set up a small e-commerce site for my sister-in-law the other day, who happened to read my recent post on apps impact on the web.  She asked me, half jokingly, “so does that mean I’ll have to create an app next?”.  I replied with something like “well I doubt someone will have to download an app whenever they want to purchase something”.  I probably should have followed this up with “And I doubt they’ll want to pay the 30% Apple surcharge”.  But that has me thinking…

I’m not a business major, but I do understand E-Commerce (I have a certification in it from UofT), and one of the major barriers for finalizing the purchase is trust.  How do I know I can trust this website with my credit card?  I’ve experienced these trust issues before, and even backed out of quite a few purchases by exiting a half-complete order form.  I see the Verisign logo, I can see locked icon in my address bar, but still…

Apple and Google, of course, can tear these barriers down by allowing you to purchase products using their payment process.

There is also the trust of the quality of their products, their return policies, and timely matter the purchase will take to finally reach me.  These are all mental barriers as well for making purchases.

Apple and Google already have a star rating and comments system in place to weed out the bad apps.  This could easily be applied to an E-Commerce application.

There are 2 things really that will have to happen in order for merchants to sell in-apps:

  1. The seller must ultimately make enough sales to make up for the app store’s fee and;
  2. People must be willing to download an app every time they want to purchase something.

Other thoughts:

I think Amazon will also have a big say in the space… but we’ll have to wait and see if they release a popular tablet.  You have to think they have this on their mind.

How could Google’s mobile payment factor into this?