An Experiment

I’ve found it really difficult finding the time to write to this blog, but I still have lots on my mind. I’ve been postings randomly still to my Twitter and Google+ accounts (I’ve even “Pinned” a few things on Pinterest), but I’m a bit saddened every time I visit my neglected personal site.

I’d like to give Tumblr a spin to see if I post a little bit more frequently. It seems to be more geared towards “lighter” sharing, so I can quickly share a thought about a link I’m reading, or share an update on something I’m working on. I’ve also thought about redirecting my personal domain to Tumblr, but we’ll give it a test drive before I make that kind of commitment.

It might makes sense as well to do more sharing in Google+. There are a lot of like-minded professionals there and it would be nice to get some comments.

My personal domain might be better suited to aggregate all of these services. Anyone know of a good way to do that?